Why my jerky company crossed categories and became a top-selling condiments brand.

There’s a part of my story that I’ve never shared. Well, never fully shared. Recently, I took a leap of faith and opened up this part of my story to an intimate group at a conference and was overwhelmed by how liberating the entire experience proved to be. I was encouraged to share with a broader audience, so here goes.

I've written previously about the decision I made back in 2009 to start eating healthier, get fit, and making homemade jerky as a desk snack (to keep me away from the vending machine). I’ve rarely opened up about the “why” behind the initial decision. The arc of my journey has become increasingly apparent and the time has come to share a more vulnerable side of this narrative. 

If you know me, you know I'm doggedly intentional about every step my food company takes - from ingredient selection and sourcing to product branding and packaging. Still, I humbly acknowledge that the arc of my entrepreneurship hasn't always been by design (and filled with missteps).

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