Transforming Taste: The New Primal’s Quest for Healthy Meals & Snacks

LA WEEKLY - Written in Partnership with Amir Bakian - October 16, 2023


In a world where health challenges and dietary dilemmas lurk around every corner, one story redefines the essence of the culinary revolution. Jason Burke, a visionary driven by a profound purpose, embarked on an extraordinary journey that ignited not only his transformation but also a flavorful uprising that would resonate far beyond his wildest dreams.

Jason Burke’s journey into healthy eating and flavor revolution began with his parents’ health challenges. Both parents were diagnosed with chronic illnesses directly related to their diet and lifestyle. It was a wake-up call for Jason, who wanted to avoid finding himself in a similar situation later in life.

Jason’s determination to improve his family’s diet led to a personal transformation. He embarked on a journey of exploration, learning about the impact of food on health. He turned to healthier choices, incorporating local, fresh produce and high-quality protein sources into his meals. His weight loss journey through dietary changes was a testament to the power of food choices.

While working at a local software company, Jason often craved mid-day snacks (like most of us), but he was determined to stay away from the candy bars in the snack machine. Jason googled “How to Make Beef Jerky” – a high-protein snack that would satisfy his cravings without compromising his commitment to health. He then purchased an at-home dehydrator to make his own snacks. Little did he know that this decision would be the spark that ignited The New Primal and later Noble Made.

Jason’s homemade beef jerky became a hit among his colleagues. They couldn’t get enough, and it started disappearing from his desk drawer regularly. Recognizing an opportunity, Jason began selling his jerky to friends and coworkers. As demand grew, he decided to take a leap of faith and set up a small business, renting a modest kitchen space.

The New Primal’s grass-fed beef jerky quickly gained popularity, earning shelf space in local cafes and shops. Jason’s entrepreneurial spirit was unwavering, and he ventured into larger retail partnerships, even winning over a major grocery chain in that first year, which gave the brand credibility and an even wider reach.

But The New Primal was just getting started. Jason and his team were not content with resting on their laurels. They saw an opportunity to disrupt the food industry, one category at a time. They introduced healthier, clean ingredient alternatives to traditional snacks and later expanded to sauces, condiments, and seasonings, and their innovative approach paid off.

The New Primal’s core values reflect its unwavering commitment to positively impacting the food industry by offering low-sugar pantry staples that consumers love using only real food ingredients. “Hungry Lions Hunt Best” is one of their mantras, emphasizing the importance of remaining hungry for change. It reminds everyone in the company that the mission of disrupting the broken food system is still ongoing even after achieving milestones.

Another core value, “Make Lemonade,” reflects the brand’s resilience in facing challenges. Building a business is incredibly hard, but The New Primal embraces adversity and sees it as an opportunity to innovate and find solutions. This attitude has propelled the company forward in a highly competitive industry.

The New Primal’s commitment to innovation and healthier options led to a partnership with Whole Foods Market, where they launched over 30 products nationally, including meat snacks branded under The New Primal and condiments, sauces, and seasonings branded under Noble Made, expanding their presence across multiple categories. Today, they continue to evolve, finding new ways to provide families with clean, nutritious, and delicious food options everywhere.

The New Primal is not just a food company; it’s a movement. It’s a story of a son’s dedication to improving his family’s health, ultimately leading to a thriving business. It’s a journey of innovation, resilience, and unwavering commitment to changing how we eat. To learn more, visit and