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Best Healthy Travel Snack Ideas

When you get a few hundred of the world's healthiest people together at an event like mbg's revitalize (coming up this weekend in the Arizona desert—you can find out more about it here), you're bound to get some great healthy travel wisdom. We asked some of our favorite foodies in attendance this year to share what they bring with them on the road, and their answers made us want to hit the road, stat.

Whole30 founder Melissa Hartwig packs a full suitcase of food.

During a trip, I'm known for leaving half my clothes at home and using the extra carry-on space for healthy snacks. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Meat sticks.

Healthy protein is the hardest thing to find when I travel, so I make sure I BYOM (Bring-Your-Own-Meat). I also like to carry a variety so I don't get bored of the taste or texture on longer trips. Some Whole30-approved favorites include Epic's Bites (Bison Bacon Chia is my favorite), Chomps Snack Sticks (all flavors are compliant), and Brooklyn Biltong. If I'm NOT on a Whole30, I like to kick my heels up with DNX Bars, The New Primal Chicken with Date & Rosemary Jerky, and Bricks Bars. I plan for two to three meat sticks per day; trust me when I say it's worth the extra weight in your bag.