Snack Mates Mini Meat Sticks Bundle (4 Packs, 20 Mini Sticks)

From class time to camp time, antibiotic-free protein fuels more fun. And super low sugar means little minds can stay focused and fascinated. Healthy, delicious, and easy for young fingers to pry open. Our scrumptious Snack Mates mini meat stick bundle fends off hunger and boredom with perforated 5-packs in 4 uniquely crave-able flavors.

Give your kiddos the nutrition they need without sacrificing flavor! With 7-8g of protein and only 1-2g of sugar per serving, you can feel good about what’s in their lunch box. 

Each bundle contains 20 individually wrapped sticks - 1 pack of Chicken & Maple Mini Meat Sticks, 1 pack of Turkey Mini Meat Sticks, 1 pack of Chicken Pizza Mini Meat Sticks, and 1 pack of Chicken & Apple Mini Meat Sticks.

We ditched the plastic bags and our Snack Mates now come individually wrapped in a perforated tear-away pack. Less packaging means less waste. Now we tear because we care.

- All-Natural Chicken and Turkey

- Certified Gluten-Free

- Certified Paleo

- 7-8g of protein per serving

- Naturally Sweetened 

- Lunch Box Friendly

- Raised without added hormones or the use of antibiotics