Snack Mates Chicken and Apple Mini Meat Sticks, All-Natural Chicken (8 Packs, 40 Mini-Sticks)

  • $49.95

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An "apple for the teacher" is a charming gesture. But, if we're being honest, the truer gift to any educator is a perky pupil - one with a satisfied belly and a focused brain. With this in mind, we crafted a protein-packed snack that winks at the classic fruit, blending bits of dried apple with tender chicken raised without antibiotics.

Give the mini version of you, a mini version of your favorite snack. With 7 grams of protein and only 2 grams of natural sugar per serving you can feel good about what's in their lunch box. Each pack contains 5 individually wrapped sticks - perfect for every day of the school week.

We ditched the plastic bags and our Snack Mates now come individually wrapped in a perforated tear-away pack. Less packaging means less waste. Now we tear because we care.

- All-Natural Chicken

- Certified Paleo

- Certified Gluten-Free

- Lunch Box Friendly 

- Naturally Sweetened

- Raised without added hormones or the use of antibiotics