Buffalo Chicken Stick - 20ct

20 (1oz) Sticks Per Package


It’s tough to tote a buffalo. Chickens, while easier to transport, are also quite unwieldy. But the buffalo chicken? Totally portable, with some coaxing. Inspired by such tenacious (yet ill-fated) to-go attempts as the glovebox wing and the pocket tender, we crafted this lightweight, tidy, and totally roamable meat stick. Tender, all-natural chicken infused with our punchy medium buffalo sauce is certain to spur the human herd. Consider it a migratory snack. 


-Whole30 Approved

-Certified Keto

-Certified Gluten-Free

-9 grams of protein, 0g of sugar

-Made with all-natural chicken raised without added hormones or the use of antibiotics

  • $49.95

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