• Mother's Day: A Note from CEO, Jason Burke

    I have a confession. I like the shadows. I prefer to operate behind the scenes. I founded a brand more than a decade ago - a company that now has national distribution at many of the largest grocery chains in the US, and I struggle every day with imposter syndrome. I could’ve never dreamt of the ... View Post
  • Body by Buffalo

    "Body by Buffalo." That’s not something you expect to see screened on a muscle tee, or emblazoned across the entrance to your local gym. But it could be, as research gives real cred to the rumors that fiery foods are good for you. And as the vinegar-based cayenne pepper sauce known as “buffalo” g... View Post
  • Gathered Around the Grill (Backed by a Big Shot)

    Bobby Flay really gets us…even if he doesn’t know it.  When he says things like, "Grilling takes the formality out of entertaining. Everyone wants to get involved," we feel some real kinship with the famed chef we've never met. What he's really espousing is the communal opportunity of a meal - so... View Post