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Jerky that crunches. Sauces that headline. Not the norm, we know.

Soak your fresh meats and veggies in any of The New Primal marinades: Classic, Hot & Spicy, or Citrus Herb. Or dunk just about anything, plant or protein, in Noble Made sauces: BBQ or Buffalo. Each dreamy flavor is crafted with simple ingredients and the offerings range from sweet heat to the perfect tang. And every single one is free of refined sugars, soy, and dairy.

The New Primal’s innovative Beef Thins® have the tempting look of jerky and the satisfying crunch of a chip, and are made from 100% grass-fed beef free of antibiotics and added hormones. Each handy bag serves up 13 grams of protein and gets its hint of flavor – Sea Salt or BBQ – from a short list of basic seasonings.

Our approach is uncomplicated, but uncompromising. From meat that’s inexplicably snackable to sauces that demand reckless drizzling, our products will always honor the undeniable tenets that food is fuel, and eating is fun.

You are what you eat. Choose wisely.TM