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The same nutritious ingredients you know and love, perfectly portioned to keep your nuggets properly fueled.

Crazy schedules, fussy appetites, conflicting diet recommendations .. as if parenting wasn’t hard enough already!

Luckily, we’re here to help take healthy snacking out of that mix. At snack time we’ve made it easy for you to be the cool mom, the fun dad … their hero.

When our kids were sneaking bites of our New Primal sticks, we knew we were onto something. Despite not wanting to have to share that meaty goodness, we knew we could feel good about what they were eating. So, we shrunk down our portions and dialed back some heat for their teeny taste buds. As always, taking the same nutritious grass fed and grass finished beef and free range turkey and leaving out all the bad stuff. No gluten, no soy, no sugar added, no hormones or antibiotics. Just perfectly portioned protein snacks to keep our nuggets properly fueled.

they are what you eat. choose wisely.TM

ingredients you can trust

be the snack time hero!