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The same nutritious ingredients you know and love, perfectly portioned to keep your nuggets properly fueled.


As if parenting wasn’t hard enough already!


Luckily, we have a super sidekick to keep healthy snacking out of that mix. We’ve made it easy for you to be the snack time hero, combating cravings and left-hooking hunger – all from a convenient stash in your purse or pantry. When we caught our own kids sneaking bites of our New Primal turkey and beef sticks, we knew we were on to something. Sure, part of it was a strategy to avoid sharing our adult sized meaty goodness, but mostly we knew we had stumbled on a way to genuinely feel good about what our little carnivores were eating.


So, we shrunk down our portions and dialed back some of the heat for their teeny taste buds. Under that cute Snack Mates wrapper are the same carefully sourced beef and turkey you have in your full-size stick. As always, all the bad guys – gluten, soy, added sugar, hormones, and antibiotics – never stood a chance. The New Primal just put some powerful and delicious protein into those small (and sneaky) hands. And that’s a good thing because your peripheral-plus vision and canine-like sense of smell are needed elsewhere.



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be the snack time hero!