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Sauce is the new star.


That may come as a surprise to the gorgeous tenderloin or adorable wings in your fridge. Such celebrated proteins (and certain vegetable darlings) are accustomed to taking top billing. But The New Primal has just elevated the status of “supporting” sauces with a lineup of irresistible, fresh-faced newcomers. With BBQ’s Classic or Mustard style, and Buffalo’s impressive range of Mild, Medium, and Hot, these sauces deliver powerful flavor performances worthy of center stage. Each of the five bottled beauties is composed of simple, natural ingredients and has earned Whole30 Approved distinction. So cast a BBQ Sauce or a Buffalo Sauce as your lead, then choose the lucky meat or veggie to get dipped, soaked, or cooked. That morsel would tell you it’s an honor just to be nominated to play beside such a star.

The New Primal BBQ and Buffalo Sauces will be available in Whole Foods nationwide in June.

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