Whole30 Approved® Starter Kit - Basics

Each Kit Contains:

One bottle - Classic Ranch

One bottle - Tomato Ketchup

One bottle - Classic BBQ Sauce

One bottle - Medium Buffalo Sauce

They hate to brag, so well say it for them: Meet the dream team. This cadre of pourable Whole30 coaches will keep your program on tasty track. A Classic Ranch that adds perfection to any plate. Classic BBQ commands equal authority over the basting brush and the dipping bowl. And Medium Buffalo flavors boldly, but not without mercy, tempting you to heavy-hand that drizzle. A Tomato Ketchup that pleases everyone at the kitchen table. All four sauces have earned the hearts of every Whole30'er by having callouts like: Whole30 Approved, Paleo, and certified Gluten-Free. And each is built on a short list of natural ingredients that is free of refined sugar, dairy, soy, oil, trans fats, artificial fillers, and preservatives. You are in the best hands with The New Primal, so all you need to concern yourself with is savoring this teams every dreamy bite.