Ultimate Whole30 Starter Kit

1 - The Classic Marinade

1 - Classic BBQ Sauce

1 - Medium Buffalo Sauce

1 - Sriracha Tahini Dressing

1 - Original Coconut Aminos

1 Bag - Sea Salt Beef Thins

1 Bag - BBQ Beef Thins

A tuna roll, a grass-fed sirloin, and a head of cauliflower walk into The New Primal. CEO asks, "What'll you have?" Tuna roll says she's feeling saucy, but has had it with soy. Sirloin says he's feeling jerky, but is tired of acting tough. Cauliflower says she's being treated like tavern food named after a winged mammal that doesn't actually have wings. More sage than a veteran bartender, The New Primal has a remedy for each. The sushi in need of some salty tonic gets a soy-free douse of mouthwatering Original Coconut Aminos. The steak seeking distinct Classic Marinade flavor with more easy-going snackability undergoes a crispy transformation into Beef Thins. And that bright ball of veggie curds serving stand-in for mythical meat on the happy hour menu? A nice dip in Buffalo Sauce, BBQ Sauce, or Sriracha Tahini Dressing truly elevates the appetizer favorite. Resolve the woes of any frustrated ingredients in the healthiest, most delicious way with The New Primal's Ultimate Whole30 Kit. Seven snacks and sauces for easy prep, tasty bites, and happy eaters. Keep the tip jar handy.