The Red Ryder BB Que Sampler

The Red Ryder BB Que Sampler  (Shipping + gift wrapping included)

Somewhere between a leg lamp and a pink bunny onesie lies the perfect gift. We think we've found it, so no need to wait for others to drop hints. Four of our most-craved condiments and a merry medley of meat snacks are nestled inside The New Primal's gift box lined with tissue paper (because, you know, fra-jee-lay). With Whole30, Paleo and Gluten Free certifications - it's what they'd ask Santa for if they could remember what to ask Santa for. So save the best gift for last. Wish them happy feasting. And don't shoot your eye out.


Contents Included: 

1 bottle of The Classic Marinade

1 bottle of Classic BBQ Sauce

1 bottle of Medium Buffalo Sauce

1 bottle of Original Coconut Aminos

1 Classic Beef Stick

1 Spicy Beef Stick

1 Lightly Peppered Turkey Stick

1 Cilantro Lime Turkey Stick

  • $59.95