Seasoning Sampler

Each Sampler Pack Includes 

1 Shaker of All-Purpose Seasoning

1 Shaker of Classic BBQ Seasoning

1 Shaker of Citrus Herb Seasoning

1 Shaker of Classic Buffalo Seasoning

Seasoning Sampler Pack

We've got no beef with salt and pepper. Literally. We don't have any beef seasoned with them anymore. The pervasive mineral-spice pair still has its place in the kitchen, to be sure - just not on the things we want to make awesome. For that, our go-tos go above and beyond the flavor of the standard grind. A restrained sprinkle (or barbaric shake) of our transcendent All-Purpose, enchanting Citrus Herb, tang-forward BBQ, or goose-bumping Buffalo is the boost of which that beef - or anything else headed toward your tastebuds - is worthy. This colorful set of all four seasonings is meant to be kept in reach, giving ol S&P a much-needed rest.

-USDA Organic

-Whole30 Approved

-Certified Gluten-Free

  • $19.95