Jul , 06

Stop Dousing Your BBQ In Sugar Sauce — Reach For One Of These Super-Healthy Condiments Instead

Condiments can quickly elevate a meal from uninspiring to drool-worthy, but most sauces people reach for are filled with sugar, artificial flavors and colors, and other less-than-savory ingredients. Luckily, a number of new releases have made it possible to have your burger and eat it too. We’ve scouted, tested, and tasted our way to finding the absolute best healthy condiments on the market today.  Stock up on ’em today and enjoy a better-for-you BBQ all summer long! […]

Dec , 19

Southern Fork Podcast: Jason Burke, Founder The New Primal

New Episode: The New Primal founder and beef jerky mastermind Jason Burke and I chat grass fed beef, how amaro isn’t included in Whole30, and a thing called “Slim Jim ooze.” Its all things meat snacks today from North Charleston, South Carolina, so listen on your fave podcast app or here.. […]

Dec , 05

8 Tasty New Paleo Snacks

We taste test the latest crop of prepackaged paleo treats:

In a perfect world, we’d all eat handcrafted, produce-heavy meals three times per day. But take a good look around: Does this look like a perfect world to you? […]

Jul , 17

Outside Magazine: The 2017 Summer Buyer’s Guide

We tested dozens of jerkies, and New Primal’s Classic Turkey was our favorite. Carved from free-range turkey breast with no anti­biotics, the bite-size strips are among the leanest on the market, especially compared with the more common beef options. Pineapple juice and a touch of honey make for a subtly sweet aftertaste.[…]