Dec , 19

Southern Fork Podcast: Jason Burke, Founder The New Primal

New Episode: The New Primal founder and beef jerky mastermind Jason Burke and I chat grass fed beef, how amaro isn’t included in Whole30, and a thing called “Slim Jim ooze.” Its all things meat snacks today from North Charleston, South Carolina, so listen on your fave podcast app or here.. […]

Dec , 05

8 Tasty New Paleo Snacks

We taste test the latest crop of prepackaged paleo treats:

In a perfect world, we’d all eat handcrafted, produce-heavy meals three times per day. But take a good look around: Does this look like a perfect world to you? […]

Jul , 17

Outside Magazine: The 2017 Summer Buyer’s Guide

We tested dozens of jerkies, and New Primal’s Classic Turkey was our favorite. Carved from free-range turkey breast with no anti­biotics, the bite-size strips are among the leanest on the market, especially compared with the more common beef options. Pineapple juice and a touch of honey make for a subtly sweet aftertaste.[…]