Whole30 Coaching Scholarship Winners

Jacob Henriquez (Heath), Atlanta, GA

 "Winning The New Primal’s Whole30 Coaching Scholarship did so much more than change my life; it allowed me to
change lives of people all over the world, people I otherwise never would have had the opportunity to meet,
much less coach through their Whole30 to food freedom.”


Judith Forman, Boston, MA 

 “My Whole30 Coaching Scholarship from The New Primal has allowed me to take my passion for Whole30
to the next level -- and use it to help others transform their lives. There is no greater gift than being part
of someone else's journey to their best self.”


Ashley Mccrory, Ozark, MO

 "The New Primal Scholarship gave me a voice that allowed me to share my life changing results on the
Whole30 Program along with giving me a new platform to guide and support others in their health journey."

Jennifer Amoako, Baltimore, MD

 "I appreciate that The New Primal believed in me enough to support my mission
of changing the perception of what "healthy" looks like."

Dolly Sengsavang, Lowell, MA

 "My Whole30 scholarship has allowed me to successfully make two of my goals a reality:
become a Whole30 certified coach and to get yoga certified —two things that have radically changed my life
and two things I get to now share and teach to my community.”

Dominique Mackins, Charleston, SC

 "The Whole30 scholarship has given me the opportunity to not only educate people and
change lives in my city, but across the entire United States.”