Grill and Chill Seasoning Set

 Don't read into it - it's not a euphemism. Grill: (verb) the act of making food amazing over searing hot grates, (noun) the thing on which you do that. Chill: (verb) the act of not stressing over the deliciousness of your food, (adjective) how you feel when you do that. Light the charcoal or turn on the gas, and place your protein or veggie. A few generous shakes of any one of these four flavors - before, during, or after the cook - seals the deal for the tastiest, easiest outcome. Literally. Because we're too hungry to talk in code.

Includes 4 Glass Shakers

Classic BBQ Seasoning 

Classic Steak Seasoning

Citrus Herb Seasoning

Classic Buffalo Seasoning

  • $26.95

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