Classic Combo Sampler

Includes 5 Glass Shakers:

Classic Steak Seasoning
Classic Chili Seasoning
Everything Bagel Seasoning
Classic Poultry Seasoning
Nutritional Yeast Seasoning

Yeah, yeah, yeah - we’re impressed with all your emergency kits: extreme weather events, auto hazard, mani/pedi mishap. But how prepared are you for bland barbecue? Anemic sauce? Naked toast? Close the gap in your readiness with this 5-piece seasoning sampler. With a fix for nearly any vulnerable food or ailing flavor, this kit will give you peace of mind. And mouth.

- USDA Organic

- Whole30 Approved

- Certified Gluten-Free

- Keto-Friendly

- No Fake Anti-Cake Agents

  • $27.95

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