BBQ Sauce Sampler

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Each Sampler Contains: 

One 12oz Bottle of Classic BBQ

One 12oz Bottle of Mustard BBQ

One 12oz Bottle of Smoky BBQ 

In sewing circles, apparently, a sampler is a specimen of skill. That sounds pretty cool to us, as we have a few skills to demonstrate, too. First up? Our handiness with sauces. The New Primal BBQ sampler, featuring all three Noble Made recipes, perfectly reps our proficiency. Classic BBQ is a dependable go-to, with a versatile tang that charms from Taco Tuesday to Meatloaf Monday. Mustard BBQ, aromatic and bright, performs as impressively in the crockpot as on a single sweet potato. And Smoky BBQ reveals an advanced craft, teasing open flame flavor from the most indoorsy meal. We may not know a backstitch from a blind hem, but this sampler sure as heck showcases our command of condiments. As you focus on a Return to the Table, this sampler will have everyone chiming in on why their favorite BBQ sauce reigns supreme! 


-Whole30 Approved

-Certified Gluten-Free

  • $19.95

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