Ranch Dressing Sampler

Your younger self never would have dared to dream of this. That carrot stick dipper and potato skin douser of yesterday told her/himself that he/she was perfectly content with one ranch dressing. So go ahead: pinch yourself, and your hot wing. Because not only have we rehabilitated Classic Ranch to make it worthy of craving and consumption by healthy dreamers like you - we also tagged two of the universes most rapturous flavors for a pair of bottled brethren: Buffalo Ranch and Wasabi Ranch. Get all three in this set, and line them up in the door of your fridge as reassurance to the old, less fanciful you.

Each Sampler Pack Contains: 

1 bottle Classic Ranch

1 bottle Buffalo Ranch

1 bottle Wasabi Ranch  

Certifications & Callouts:

-Whole30 Approved

-Certified Gluten Free

-Cage-Free Eggs

-100 Calories, 2g of Carbs, 0g of Added Sugar/Serving