BBQ Kit Whole30 Approved

Two (2) 12oz Bottles of Classic BBQ

Two (2) 12oz Bottles of Mustard BBQ

A kit is like a tiny team. No member is nonessential. From the toolbox to the sewing basket, each little comrade must be handy to be, um, handy. So it is for The New Primals Noble Made BBQ kit, a four-deep bench that no tasty teammate warms for long. Classic BBQ may consider himself the dependable starter, with his versatile tang that scores big from Taco Tuesday to Meatloaf Monday. But when Mustard BBQ gets called to the crockpot or handles a sweet potato, she puts the Carolina coyness rumors to rest. Their colors and flavors are distinct, but their matching Noble Made uniform says no one is too big for their britches. Or your brisket. And being Whole30-Approved, each is in it for the greater good of healthy goodness. They stand ready for craving recruitment, this band of BBQ brothers/squad of saucy sisters.

  • $27.99