Unboxed: 7 flavor-boosting natural condiments

Pump up the taste in dishes ranging from salads and soups to stews and main dishes with these delicious dressings, sauces and more.

We all have a friend who won’t commence any meal without a bottle of sriracha sauce planted squarely on the table in front of them. But the classic crimson condiment represents just one out of thousands of similarly addictive flavor boosters out there. From silky spreads to tangy dressings to meal-making herbs and spices, these must-have natural condiments will soon find a place in your customer’s fridge or pantry.

Certified Whole30 Approved, this low-calorie, unsweetened dressing packs a big functional punch. Made with a healthful, tangy blend of vinegar, pineapple juice, almond butter, tahini, turmeric, ginger and more, this sauce would also serve as a stellar marinade for tofu or chicken. Read full article here.

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