The Best Marinades You Can Buy for Anything You’re Grilling This Summer

Whether you’re trying to ratchet up the vinegar kick on skinless chicken breasts or add a dash of acid (hello lime juice!) to those pork chops, trust us, there’s nothing that adds a better flavor to meat than a delicious marinade. Sure, following a recipe and whipping up your own simple marinade is one way you could go (mincing all. that. garlic.), but each of these ready-made versions is a simpler way to soften the meat and add serious flavor—without having to shop for a ton of ingredients.

Check the bottle to see how long to let your meat sit (the longer meat sits in a marinade, the more flavor it will absorb; the same holds true for tofu—but some marinades are more acidic and might start “cooking” raw meat or seafood if it sits too long). May of these marinades also make great sauces when the meat is actually grilled—just set some aside before you add the raw protein for its flavor bath.

Paleo acolytes love this line. But even if you’re eating carbs, dunk your chicken wings in this finger-licking sauce before they hit the grill, and you’ll get a game-day snack that’s better than any sports bar’s version. For real. 

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