The Best Beef Jerky In 2022

Beef jerky isn't just a gas station impulse buy anymore. In fact, it's a billion dollar industry in the United States alone and the fastest-growing snack category in North America, so don't be shy about snagging a few packs before your next road trip, camping trip, or busy day of work meetings. Everyone's doing it.

There's a wide world of beef jerky out there, and the more this healthy snack alternative gains popularity, the more diverse the market becomes. From shape variations that include strips, sticks, and slabs, to drying techniques, flavoring preferences, and even main ingredients (not all "beef" jerky is actually made with beef), the selection is vast. Fortunately for you, we're here to help.

Best beef jerky for the money: The New Primal

Quality beef jerky is notoriously . . . how shall we put it . . . not cheap. After all, if you're looking for natural ingredients from reputable sources and a clean process that yields deliciously thin strips of meat with just the right seasoning, you should expect to pay a bit more than you'll have to shell out for a bag of over-processed potato chips. But good jerky doesn't have to cost a fortune.

The New Primal uses only grass-fed beef for its meat product. Its Beef Thins contain only beef and quality seasonings for a healthy snack free of unnecessary gunk. Snackers rave about The New Primal's reasonable cost compared to other additive-free meat snacks, hailing the accessible price point as a much better deal than other quality beef jerky products. This may not be the absolute cheapest beef jerky product on the shelves, but cost isn't the only factor in value, and these are the best overall value for the money.

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