The 10 Best Beef Jerky Brands You Have To Try

Beef jerky is basically the perfect snack. It's high in protein, good on the go, comes in tons of different flavors, and is widely available at grocery stores and gas stations. But choosing a good beef jerky can be tough (pun intended). Some brands can be pricey, so you want to make sure you get a jerky you are going to love. That's where our list of the best beef jerky brands comes in.

We searched Amazon for the internet's most well-loved and best-reviewed beef jerky. We also got recommendations from chefs in the industry. To keep the list well-rounded, it includes beef jerky brands that range in price and come in both traditional slices and sticks. It also includes jerky that isn't beef at all, but rather plant-based or made from turkey. Some of your nostalgic childhood favorites might be on this list, and we bet there are a few brands you may not have tried yet. Without further ado, here are the best beef jerky brands you have to try the next time that craving hits.

Best Beef Jerky Stick: 

Beef jerky in stick form can be more portable and fun to eat. We love The New Primal Classic Beef Meat Stick because it's paleo, keto, Whole30, made from grass-fed beef, and comes in several different flavors. "They taste like delicious pure beefy goodness," a reviewer wrote. "They taste clean instead of being weirdly spiced. Other meat sticks gave me indigestion after eating and Primal was the first one that didn't!"

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