Must-Watch Food & Beverage Makers in Every U.S. State

From a sugar-free cereal subscription service to sustainably sourced Vietnamese pour-over coffee, the entrepreneurial food scene in the United States is diverse. Companies across the country are constantly and creatively changing how we find, share, and eat our food. This is our list of must-watch makers.  

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The food industry is evolving fast, and everyone is trying to keep up. A confluence of forces are behind this massive change in what we eat and how we find our food. The advent of smart kitchens, digital natives, and the public’s insatiable thirst for unique food experiences has given rise to a new set of entrepreneurs in food & beverage.

These new food makers are former corporate attorneys, bartenders, professors, long time food entrepreneurs, and others. They have found, or are looking for, a niche to call their own in this golden age of food choice.

Unlike tech startups, or movie creators, these food & beverage makers don’t congregate around one singular geographic location. We set out to identify must-watch F&B makers in every state to watch, listen to, learn from, and hopefully, some day feast upon!







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