Best Hot Sauces for People Who Can't Handle Heat

Sometimes, you love something that you simply can't handle, like a pet tiger or whatever that "jelly" Beyonce was talking about in "Bootlylicious" was. For many, hot sauce falls in that category, which is ironic given its presence in Queen Bey's purse. Hot sauce is easy to love, but many people -- this writer included -- just get their asses whomped by it. Even the thought of sauces that hardcore spice heads consider "weak" like Tobasco or Franks is enough to put a hole in some folks' esophaguses. 

For those of us who love hot sauce flavor but just get leveled by heavy spice, there's hope lurking on the shelf. These bottles bring a little heat but not the pain, offering up all the great flavor of a standout hot sauce without the side of suffering. Add them to your pantry, then hit the comments and tell us what else we should be trying. 

The New Primal Mild Buffalo

It's paleo friendly! And Whole30 friendly! Most importantly, it's both chicken-wingfriendly and doesn't require you to dip your drums in Pepto. The secret here is pineapple juice, which eliminates the need for added sugars while also counteracting the spiciness, which allows for a flavor that's remarkably close to what you'd get from your favorite bar wings (or cauliflower) without the burn. Of note, some folks in the review section claim this is a little spicier than expected (I didn't agree), but hey, that's what blue cheese and celery are for.