Best Beef Jerky

If you’re looking for the best dried meat you can buy in a bag, The New Primal brand fits the bill and is our number one pick for the best beef jerky.

The New Primal believes in keeping things simple to highlight the quality of its top-notch ingredients and grass-fed beef. Plus, I checked the price three times to make sure I wasn’t imagining it. That’s right, it’s very affordable, so get it while you can!

I have a finite number of memories from childhood. The easiest ones to recall are mostly snack related. I can still taste the Snickers bars, the sour gummies shaped like watermelons, the Cool Ranch Doritos, and the barbecue-flavored Corn Nuts purchased at gas stations or school vending machines. I can still remember the struggle of trying to make my “red-flavored” slushies at the movies last until after the previews. I can still appreciate the delicate, subtle flavor that’s created when you mix peanut butter M&Ms and popcorn. And I can still remember the celebratory, lavish feeling of a life of luxury when I was allowed to purchase a bag of beef jerky — the champagne of packaged meat products. 

These childhood memories exemplify a couple of facts that I have come to accept about myself as an adult. First, I have excellent taste in snacks. Second, I was not particularly concerned with my health and would eat anything with high levels of sugar or salt that came in a bag. 

A lot has changed since those early years. I would like to think I make better decisions — especially when it comes to junk food (though I still allow myself all of the aforementioned foods exclusively on a road-trip basis). But I continue to return to beef jerky because it’s one of the few foods from my childhood that I don’t feel guilty about eating: It’s a low-fat, high-protein snack that’s convenient and tastes delicious. Plus, with so many jerky brands on the market these days, this savory treat has only grown in quality and flavor. To help sort through the wide variety of options, I’ve narrowed down my favorite 10 jerky brands that you can actually feel good about eating

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