9 Best Foods To Bring to the Beach

Beach days call for items like some serious SPF, a cute beach towel, and perhaps some beach games. And among all of the beach day must-haves, the one category that tops the list is amazing beach-friendly snacks.

Why snacks? Imagine a scenario when you made the effort to lug your beach equipment to the perfect spot on the sand, propped up your sun-blocking umbrella, and you are having a jolly time in the sun with your family and friends. And then hunger strikes—your tummy starts grumbling, and you need to get something in your belly ASAP. But the last thing you want to do is leave the beach to get something to eat and drink.

Enter beach snacks. Having a bag packed with beach-friendly noshes that are satisfying, good for you, and portable is the ticket to having a successful beach day. Sure, you can bank on buying snacks at the local concession stand. But between the high prices and the low nutritional value that many food options available in that capacity offer, there is no doubt that a little pre-planning and strategy when packing your beach bag filled with snacks can be a lifesaver.

As a registered dietitian and a lifetime beach lover, I have searched the grocery shelves for the best foods to bring to the beach. Pre-portioned food that doesn't easily attract sand and offers some serious nutrition is the trifecta that I frequently look for. And since I don't always feel like bringing a cooler with me when I hit the beach, finding options that don't require refrigeration is a real bonus in my book.

If you are on the hunt for the best foods to bring to the beach, look no further than this list, curated by a registered dietitian and beach lover who can't do without her beach snacks. Then, for more food tips, check out 13 Ways to Eat Healthy on a Budget.

Snack Mates Chicken & Apple
Bits of dried apple and tender all-natural chicken raised without antibiotics are what make these meat sticks so desirable. As a protein option that requires no refrigeration, these shelf-stable meat sticks are a great beach snack that contains no antibiotics or hormones.
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