17 Poolside Snacks Perfect for a Beach Day or Pool Day

Beach days and pool days require the three S’s. SPF, sunglasses, and snacks.

The summer season means heat, higher temperatures, and humidity and if you are looking for ways to beat the summertime heat and stay cool during the dog days of summer, you may be heading to the beach or pool. (We don’t blame you).If you plan on spending the summer catching rays, you will need to pack the essentials: LEUS eco-friendly beach towels, sunnies, sunscreen, and oh yeah, do not forget the poolside snacks. Here are some of the best beach and poolside snacks to help you beat the heat and stay cool during the next summer heatwave.

Noble Made Buffalo Sauce

Okay so a sauce is not necessarily a beach or poolside snack, but a day spent on the beach or by the backyard pool usually includes some form of grilling, so do not forget a savory sauce. Whether you grill up some summertime classics like burgers and dogs or you prefer plant-based grilling, there is a New Primal sauce for every taste preference.

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