Coconut Aminos Recipes

  • Umami Steak Roll Ups

    Umami steak is extra delicious with the infusion of coconut aminos. Makes a great quick and easy weeknight meal that feels satisfying.   Whole30, Paleo, Gluten Free, Keto   Prep Time: 15 minutes + 2 Hours Marinating Cook Time: 20 Minutes Yield: 4 Servings (2 pieces per serving)   INGREDIENTS   ... View Post
  • Poke Tuna Stacks

    Whole30, Paleo, Keto   Prep time: 20 minutes Yield: 4   INGREDIENTS  1 lb Ahi Tuna, sushi grade ¼ cup Noble Made Original Coconut Aminos 1 tsp Sesame Oil 1 tsp Rice Wine Vinegar 2 Green Onions, Thinly Sliced 4 cups Cauliflower Rice, Cooked 2-3 tbsp Mayonnaise 1 Cucumber 1-2 Avocados 1 Nori Sheet ... View Post
  • Spicy Sesame Bok Choy

    Whole30, Paleo, Gluten Free, Keto   Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 15 minutes Yield: 4  Servings   INGREDIENTS   4 pieces Bok Choy 1 tablespoon Roasted Sesame Oil 1 tablespoon Chili Paste 2 tablespoons Noble Made Original Coconut Aminos 1/8 teaspoon Garlic Powder 1 tsp Sesame Seeds *for garnish... View Post