• Developing Healthier Eating Habits: Why Healthy is In This Summer

    Choosing to live a healthier life can be a game changer. Many times with the summer months comes a desire to eat junk food and leave healthy living for other parts of the year. However, summer time can be the perfect time to lean into nutritious eating. Not only will it help your overall health, there are some incredible foods that can be found in the summer months. We want to share some tips for developing healthier eating habits and make our case why healthy eating is “in” this summer. View Post
  • The Perfect Recipe for Boredom

    Whether you're in-between assignments or just looking for a little creative outlet, come draw, journey, and design with Hoot! Our activity pack is full of delicious ways to pass time, color outside the lines, or have fun with those around you!  Click Here to Download Your Activity Book!   View Post
  • Return to the Table: Community Project

    This past January, I invited you to Return to Table with me.  Amidst one of the most impactful moments of my life, the passing of my mother, an epiphany about the impact she made struck me like a lightning bolt. Her legacy was one of community and connection; she could bring people from all back... View Post