Welcome to the Table, Charlie Brown

In unwitting praise of Peppermint Patty

The communal meal in Charlie Brown's backyard has become known as one of the most heartwarming models of a holiday gathering. It showed that there's a place at the table for every race, any gender identity, and two mammalian species. It was where folks could really show their stripes... or zigzags. And it proved a space as safe for naturally curly hair as for early onset baldness.


Incidentally, it was never about the food. Or the (patio) chairs, (ping pong) table, and place settings (served like frisbees). In fact, it was never even supposed to happen. The event originated under considerable duress by one overzealous comrade, the guest list snowballed without actual consent, and the ill-conceived menu reflected a meager budget.


Year after year, that animated Thanksgiving event gives hope to our live action versions. Who among us hasn't been guilted into hosting, pressured to include plus-ones, or felt the chokehold of the calendar's most anticipated menu? And who hasn't had to cringe through a blessing devoid of historical nuance, the unwanted advances of one guest to another, or conspicuous signals that culinary preferences have not been met? Good grief. It may not be pretty, but look again. Something else is happening.


Everyone around the table feels welcome and accepted, warts and all. They feel a reciprocated sense of security, kinship, and humor. The meal is as warm to their bellies as it is to their souls. Where they disagree or disgruntle, the venue offers a place for growth so that next year, knowing better, they do better.


We can't help but note that this notion extends to the back of the house as well. Snoopy's crew made do with supplies on-hand: The buttered toast assembly line was tight, and the popcorn game strong. And though it has already been established that it was not about the food, it certainly doesn't hurt to put in a little love there, too. 

The Peanuts gang's infamous prep and plating could have benefited from some simple tweaks, courtesy of The New Primal:


  • Plain popcorn is given a flavor punch with a spray of olive oil, generous shakes of Noble Made Nutritional Yeast, and maybe a light dose of our Chili or BBQ Seasoning.
  • Buttered toast gets positively transformed cut into points with sliced avocado and sprinkles of our Everything Bagel Seasoning.
  • Pretzel sticks are destined to be dunked in a party dip made with tahini and any of our buffalo sauces.
  • Jelly beans. Sigh. We believe this was some inter-holiday confusion or panicked attempt to add color to the plate. We offer no accommodation here, other than to remove from the lineup.


Of course, it's unlikely adult humans would replace the time-honored comfort foods so iconic to the holiday with a few fancied-up snacks… although they could come in handy for some mid-day football fare. 

For those seeking a more traditional feast, Noble Made products are here to make preparation that much easier. Even better? The resulting dishes will be that much  more delicious and nutritious. A few of our favorites include:

At The New Primal, there isn't much hesitancy or qualification to our call to return to the table, especially on this occasion. Whether it's planned or spontaneous, home-cooked or catered, pet-inclusive or free of fur (yes, even beagles shed a little), the rewards far outweigh any risk. Passing, sharing, listening. Proximity, pause, eye contact. The late autumn day's call to steep in the spirit of gratitude.

 And when it is suggested that Thanksgiving around your table is the Charlie Browniest, accept it as the highest compliment.