Tiger Blood and Other Awesome Things About Whole30

Making the choice to do a Whole30® is an amazing one but a few days in you can get discouraged. It can be hard to remember why you chose Whole30 to begin with. This can be a great time to remind yourself of some of the positives that come from eating Whole30 Approved® foods. Whole30 allows you a reset and to identify those foods that negatively affect your body, ultimately allowing you even greater food freedom. And, never fear! After a few weeks, you will start to see some awesome things happening. We wanted to take a few minutes to remind you about Tiger Blood and other benefits of Whole30.

Feeling Good While Eating Well

What is Tiger Blood?

When some hear the term “tiger blood” they assume it is a type of food or supplements those on Whole30 take. Tiger Blood is an idea associated with days sixteen plus of Whole30. This is the time when your energy seems to be increased, clothing starts to fit a bit better, and you lose some of the negative feelings associated with the first few weeks. For some, this can be a feeling like you are a superhero ready to conquer the world but that’s not the same for everyone. Here are a few truths about tiger blood.

Truths about Tiger Blood

  • More Energy - As part of Whole30 you will eliminate foods that can slow you down. Having more energy as part of your tiger blood experience can be completely normal. You may not be ready to run a marathon or clean the entire house top to bottom. However, the added energy may help you accomplish more in your day or push a little further on your next workout.
  • Mood Change - When you are reaching this sixteen days plus period, you may find a change in your overall mood. As your body went through detoxing it was probably a bit easier to be more irritable. After you start to finish the detox portion of Whole30 you might start to see a change in your moods.
  • Confidence - One of the biggest things associated with Tiger Blood is the feeling of confidence. You have now proven to yourself that you can do this. You are in the home stretch and have made it through the hardest part. Now it’s time to push on and finish strong knowing that you are fully capable of completing Whole30! 

What About Skin, Hair, and Nails?

Did you know that on Whole30 you could see changes to your skin, hair, and nails? As you change the foods you consume, you will feed your body different nutrients. These nutrients can be good for your overall health but they can also directly impact your skin, hair, and nails. While these may not be the goal of Whole30, they are definitely a nice perk. Here are a few changes you may see.

  • Clearer skin - As you start to change eating habits through Whole30-approved foods, you may find a decrease in blemishes and acne. You may also see a decrease in rashes or other skin conditions as you eliminate food items your body doesn’t tolerate well. While this doesn’t happen for everyone, many have reported changes to their skin while on Whole30.
  • Hair - With the added nutrients, you may start to notice shinier hair or hair that feels healthier. This can be because of the diet rich in many healthier ingredients such as items like coconut aminos. Changing your diet while on Whole30 can have a strong impact on your hair.
  • Nails - Another area people on Whole30 start to see changes is in their nails. Some report stronger nails that will grow more easily. They have shared that their nails become less brittle and have a healthier overall look to them. 

Improved Sleep

You may start to see improvement in your sleep while doing Whole30. As you continue with Whole30 you may start to see that you fall asleep more easily and sleep more consistently. This can be from a variety of factors but it can definitely be a perk of making the move to a Whole30 eating approach. This may be a contributing factor to the added energy mentioned above. However, getting better quality sleep more frequently is definitely a perk of moving to Whole30.

A Different Perspective of Health

When you are on Whole30 you will get a different look at what health can be. Whole30 encourages those on the plan to avoid weighing themselves for the full thirty days. This will encourage you to look at other areas where you are seeing improvements. Instead of looking at weight, you will start to look at how clothes fit, how you feel, and how the food you eat impacts you. This new perspective can change the way you view food and how it relates to your health.

*Bonus! You may even find yourself reaching for Whole30-approved snacks because they are what you begin to genuinely enjoy!

Improving Overall Health

When you are on Whole30 it can be incredible to see the impact it has on health conditions you might not expect. While Whole30 is not designed as a treatment for medical conditions, what you eat can have a direct relation to how you feel. You might find that you are seeing lesser symptoms of some of the other conditions you struggle with. This could be related to how that food relates to your body or your condition. However, the overall change in your condition is definitely a worthwhile perk to note.

Better Quality of Life

Whole30 can have a significant impact on your overall quality of life. With clothing starting to fit better, energy levels starting to increase, and negative health experiencing decreasing, your quality of life can improve. This means that your mood and general disposition may start to see an improvement as part of your Whole30 journey. Without realizing it, you may start to choose better-for-you foods or move towards activities that benefit your health. You may even find that you sign on for the second round of Whole30 to continue to see the benefits! This change of quality of life will be the inspiration to help you finish strong.