The Noble Holiday Gift Guide

Many people have started their holiday shopping. It can be easy to default to typical gifts but there are some incredible options out there to consider. Finding the right gift doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. In fact, there are some unique gifts that are easy on the budget and fun to shop for. Here are a few holiday gift ideas you don’t want to miss!

The Perfect Gift for Those on Your List

Gift an Experience

When planning holiday gifts, not every gift needs to be a physical item. In fact, gifting experiences has become incredibly popular. Whether you buy tickets to a favorite attraction, send your loved one horseback riding, or book their favorite camp site, gifting an experience can be the ideal gift. If you want to give something physical with an experience try putting together a gift bag or basket that includes items they would need for the experience.

  • Book a campsite - If you are giving an experience gift to a camper, booking a campsite they’ve been wanting to visit or one they don’t know about. If you want to pair this gift with a physical gift you could put together a camping bag with snacks, safety gear, and camping tools. Throw in a bag full of snacks and goodies, like grass-fed beef sticks or beef jerky, and even the most avid outdoorsman will be happy.
  • Get tickets to an attraction/tourist stop - Is there an attraction this person has been wanting to visit. Get them tickets to enjoy it. If you want to add a physical gift, pick up merchandise from that location, items inspired by the location, or snacks/items they will need to better enjoy the attraction. Parents with little ones will especially appreciate a pack of low-sugar snacks to tide their kiddos over at the attractions.
  • Book unique experiences - Some people are more inclined to a ghost tour, food tasting around town, or star gazing at night. These are experiences that can be booked in advance. If you are wanting to add a physical gift, pick out items that pair well with the theme such as a ghost tour bag, lanyards for food tastings, or snacks for star-gazing. 

Prepare a gift basket

Another way to gift creatively is to give a gift basket. This can include a variety of items around a theme or a collection of the person’s favorite things. When building a gift basket you can customize it to the person you are gifting to in a variety of ways. Take some time to build a gift basket that is sure to be a hit for the person on your list. Here are a few gift basket ideas.

  • Foodie Gift Basket - Do you have a foodie on your Christmas list? Put together a variety of foods they can enjoy as well as the tools they need to prepare them. This might mean a collection of sauces, grilling tools, and a grill apron, or a collection of their favorite spices and seasonings. You can even add in a gift card for some of their favorite cooking supplies.
  • Camping/Hiking Basket - Putting together a gift basket for the camper/hiker in your life can be simple. Include items like first aid kits, hiking gear, trail-friendly snacks, reusable water bottles, and fun camping supplies.
  • Movie-lover Basket - For some, the perfect day involves sitting under a warm blanket and watching movies. Put together a basket filled with a favorite movie, snacks to enjoy with the movie, a warm blanket, and even memorabilia from their favorite movie. The options are endless and can include a variety of items to make movie night special. 

Give the gift of food!

Everyone eats but not many people think of food as a great gift for the holiday season. Whether you are planning a gift for the food enthusiast or a person who just enjoys a good meal, there are some great options. Even better, food gifts are easy to shop for. One of the best things about shopping for food gifts is that you can accommodate special dietary needs. This means you may be able to give someone food they’ve been missing for a long time.

  • Plan for food sensitivities - People with food allergies or food sensitivities often sacrifice some of their favorite foods due to food allergies. Spend some researching foods that accommodate their food needs and your gift is sure to be a hit. This could include items that are paleo, Whole30 approved, gluten-free, dairy-free, or low in sugar.
  • Pick out Seasonings and Sauces - When a person is on a special diet they may feel like they can’t enjoy certain seasonings or sauces. Put together a gift bag of seasonings and sauces they can safely enjoy to add some flavor to their holidays. This could include keto sauces, Whole30 seasonings, or gluten-free sauces. And as a final touch, perhaps include a home-made booklet of savory recipes for them to try.
  • Put together a snack bag - Many people love a quality snack but they don’t always buy some of their favorite snacks for themselves. This is your chance to load a bag up with their favorites. Make sure to account for any special dietary needs when picking snacks, and a low-sugar, high quality snack is always a good bet. 

Give goal-related gifts

The holidays often lead into the new year when many focus on setting new goals for themselves. If your friend or family member has shared these goals with you, this is a great time to encourage them. Buying gifts that help someone achieve their goals says that you believe in them. Even better, many goal-related gifts are easy to pick out. Here are a few goal-related gifts to consider.

  • Planners and Memberships - A quality planner can be a perfect gift for someone who is focusing on their goals in the coming year. You could also help them by purchasing a membership to a gym they want to attend or a program they want to join to reach their goals.
  • Goal-related items - If the person you are shopping for is planning to do more writing, notebooks, portable hard drives, or writing prompts can be ideal gifts. For someone who is focused on getting more disciplined with their budget, a favorite class on budgeting or a financial planner might be the gift they need. If someone is focused on fitness, items like workout gear or memberships could be the ideal gift.
  • Motivational gifts - Achieving new goals can be overwhelming. Gifts like motivational posters, cards, or notebooks can be the perfect option. Find ways to authentically motivate the person you are shopping for to succeed. This will let them know you are in their corner and ready to see them succeed.
  • Supportive / In-kind gifts - Sometimes a goal might be to help others, especially during this chaotic year. For the person on your list who is especially hard to shop for, perhaps you can make a donation in their name. Perhaps make a donation in their name to a nonprofit that has started recently to support others during the pandemic. If they own a small business, maybe rally others to like their social media and leave a positive review. Donate blood or supplies to a local shelter on their behalf. Here are some additional ideas on how you can make an in-kind on your friend’s behalf.