Tasty Halloween Treats That are Good for You

Halloween is just around the corner. Halloween is well known for its spooky decor and fun costumes. One of the biggest things Halloween is known for is the treats. So many of the treats associated with Halloween are packed with sugar, preservatives, and other unhealthy ingredients. We have a few suggestions for tasty Halloween treats that are good for you and that both kids and adults will like.

Easy Halloween Foods that Aren’t Scary

While you may not be able to throw a traditional Halloween party, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy all the Halloween treats you have come to know and love! Whether you are planning a movie night, a home haunted house, or sharing some Halloween fun with friends via zoom, there are some simple Halloween treats that are good for you and delicious as well! While many of these might not seem Halloween themed, they can definitely bring a punch of flavor to any Halloween celebration and can be adapted to better fit the theme if needed.

Appetizers so Good Ghouls will Love Them

How about a spicier All Hallow’s Eve this year? Instead of doing lots of sweet treats, try eating a few savory appetizers. The beauty of an appetizer is that there are many options that can be themed to better fit a Halloween event. Many appetizers are easy to grab in a hurry and involve minimal clean up which is always a win! Even better, you can adjust the recipe to cook only enough for the number of people you have. Here are a few Halloween appetizer ideas.

Healthy Halloween Appetizers

Boo-tiful Soups and Salads

The cooler weather can be a perfect time for hot soup and a salad bar as part of Halloween celebrations. Many of the soup and salad options out there are healthy alternatives to less healthy options. You can also scale these recipes based on the size of your event. While soups and salads may not be traditional Halloween foods, the bar part does lend itself to some really fantastic Halloween themed decorations! Here are a few soups and salads for your next Halloween celebration.

Healthy Halloween Soups and Salads

  • My Big Fat Southern Greek Salad - Slice your cucumbers to look like jack-o-lanterns to add a simple touch of Halloween to this easy salad recipe.
  • Hibachi Style Carrot Ginger Wedge Salad - Who said it had to be a wedge salad? With this simple Headstone salad you could easily retheme it to more of a Halloween theme.
  • Cream of Mushroom Soup - Switch up this cream of mushroom soup and call it a ghost host soup for a quick Halloween overlay to this delicious recipe.
  • Beet Poke Salad - This one would be easy to change up and make a sort of organ salad complete with the look of a fresh heart or liver. It will just depend on how spooky you want to go.
  • Gluten-Free Ramen - This is another soup that would work as a witch’s brew.

Fang-tastic Entrees

Looking to make a meal out of it? Don’t worry about picking the healthy choice with some of the options we’ve put together. Whether you are looking for Whole30 compatible recipes, paleo food recommendations, or just trying to eat overall healthier, these options are sure to be a hit! Enjoy a wickedly good meal with a variety of items that are sure to surprise your tastebuds. Add a Halloween theme to any of these for the perfect Halloween event addition. 

Healthy Halloween Entrees

Devilishly Delicious Desserts and Drinks

Desserts are the most common food associated with Halloween. So often people reach for candy and sugary snacks as an option. However, many of those snacks and drinks can be packed with unhealthy ingredients. You don’t have to skip the sweets and drinks! There are some simple healthy options you can enjoy this Halloween. We have a few suggestions for Halloween desserts and drinks that are on the healthier side.

Healthy Halloween Desserts and Drinks

  • Bloody Mary Mocktail - Mocktails are a great way to control some of the ingredients and switch them out for healthier options. A Bloody Mary is the perfect Halloween themed drink!
  • Paleo Desserts - Desserts such as pumpkin spice cookies, dairy-free ice cream, or even a paleo fudge can be easy to cut into Halloween shapes for a Halloween themed dessert you won’t have to feel guilty about.
  • Switch shakes for smoothies! - Use strong colors like those you find in dragon fruit for a smoothie that is packed with flavor, looks like a witch’s brew, and isn’t packed with unhealthy sugars.