Savory Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine’s Day is often associated with all the sweet treats. Items like chocolate, cakes, and candy are common fare. Not everyone loves sweets, though. In fact, there are some who would find a gift of chocolate or sweets less than exciting. Or, your Valentine might be watching their sugar consumption or looking for a healthier-for-you way to celebrate the day of love. For people who prefer a different approach, there’s a new way to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Don’t miss these tips for a savory Valentine’s Day.

Tips for a Tasty Valentine’s Day

Create a Snack Basket

Skip the chocolate covered strawberries and put together a snack basket instead. A snack basket can be filled with some of your partner’s favorite snacks. Even better, you can customize the basket to include items they enjoy but may not buy themselves. Putting together a snack basket can be as over the top or simple as you need. Here are a few items you could pack in a snack basket.

Savory Snack Basket Ideas

  • Jerky and Meat Sticks - Nothing says savory like a quality jerky or a meat snack. Pick grass-fed beef sticks, Snack Mates, or even a quality jerky that can be taken on the go. Add some variety by switching including a variety of flavors, sizes, and container types to add some personality to the basket.
  • Trail Mix - Whether you put together your own trail mix blend or purchase a few different ones, the trail mix can be the perfect addition to a savory snack basket. Choose from a variety of flavors or purchase a few trail mixes and add your own seasonings to them afterward for a special touch.
  • Nuts and Seeds - Nuts and seeds can be a great savory snack to add to the basket. Pick a variety of different nuts and seeds to add some variety to the gift basket. Add a special touch by getting a large container of a favorite such as cashews or walnuts.

Bonus Tip - Add in an invitation to a favorite quality time event. This could be a hike, a movie, or a bicycle ride. The goal is to add in togetherness as part of a fun savory snack basket.

Create a Seasonings and Sauces Basket

There are some incredible seasonings and sauces on the market! While some may be on your partner’s wish list, they may not have tried all of them yet. Putting together a basket filled with seasonings and sauces can be a fun way for them to try out new savory flavors. Even better, you can choose from a huge variety of options. Here are a few things to put in a seasonings and sauces basket.

Savory Seasonings and Sauces Basket Ideas

  • Seasoning Collections - Many companies will sell a collection of their seasonings that either work well together or are their top sellers. Picking out a seasoning collection can give you the chance to add some fantastic savory flavors to your gift basket.
  • Sauce Bundles - Much like seasoning collections, many companies will sell a sauce bundle. You can find items like Citrus Zest, Buffalo, and BBQ bundled together to add some variety to your basket.
  • Fill it with favorites - Does your partner have favorite seasonings or sauces? Put together a basket filled with some of their favorites. This could include a favorite Sriracha Tahini Salad Dressing, Carrot Ketchup, or even a quality All-Purpose Seasoning. Pick out favorites and add them to the basket.

Bonus Tip - Add in a recipe book filled with recipes that would match well with the new seasonings and sauces. This can add a special touch to this basket.

Cook a Meal or an Appetizer

There is something so special about a home-cooked meal. Add a special touch by making a favorite meal or appetizer for your partner for Valentine’s Day. You can make a special meal and add some quality time together. This can be a great option for those choosing to stay in this year. Here are a few meals or appetizers you might consider for a romantic night in.

Romantic Night-in Ideas

  • Elevate a less healthy option - Is your partner watching what they’re eating? Try making a healthier version of one of their favorites. This could mean trying Carolina Pulled Pork Nachos instead of traditional nachos or BBQ Brisket Sliders to elevate an old favorite.
  • Have an appetizer sampler - Appetizers may not work as a stand-alone meal option. However, an appetizer sampler can be a great way to enjoy a variety of their favorites. Putting together items like BBQ Chicken Skewers, Slow Cooker Hawaiian Meatballs, and Steakhouse Mushrooms can be a flavor-packed appetizer sampler.
    Choose one pot or low prep meal options - If you are planning to spend the time together, you will want to pick items that involve less work to get to the table. The goal should be to create a delicious meal without sacrificing togetherness. A few ideas for this could be Orange Chicken Broccoli Stir-Fry, French Onion Soup, or a Green Bean Turkey Gratin.

Bonus Tip - The main goal of a gift like this togetherness. Keep things simple so that you can enjoy spending quality time together.

Create a Sampler Box

A sampler box can be a fun way to let your partner try something new they’ve been hoping to try. These can include savory items that they may not splurge on. You can also add in a new seasoning or sauce they’ve been considering. Fill a mystery box with a variety of things for your partner to try out. Here are a few tips for creating a sampler box.

Tips for making a sampler box

  • Check with the company - Many companies will sell a sampler set of some of their savory items. This can help you to more easily put together a sampler box your partner will enjoy.
  • Pick complimenting flavors - When putting together a sampler box make sure to pick flavors that will complement each other well. It’s very possible your partner will want to do a taste test. Make sure the items go well together.
  • Put in a few familiar favorites - Trying new things doesn’t always go to plan. Add in a few familiar favorites in case some of the flavors in your sampler box don’t go to plan.

Bonus Tip - Pick out a fun gift box and dress it up a bit to add some fun to the experience. And if all else fails, be sure to check for a gift card so your Valentine can create their own sampler.