100 Meaningful Meals in 2019

This year, we’re on a mission and we invite you to come along! We’re rolling out an initiative to Return to the Table and have more Meaningful Meals in 2019! If you missed the big announcement we made a few days ago, you can catch up here. As we begin our journey into more Meaningful Meals, we want to make sure you are all set with goodies for your Instagram, Facebook, and even your fridge at home!

Here’s the simple ask: Have 100 Meaningful Meals in 2019. There are about 1,000 opportunities from now through the end of the year, so 100 meals with loved ones, without distractions, or with a new recipe should be easy! We’ve provided a fun calendar that’s divided into 25 meals so that you can track your meals, who you have them with, what made it meaningful and more. It’s your space to fill with how you see fit! The calendar comes in both a printable version for your home/office/etc. and a full-color version to share on social media. Or you can keep it saved on your phone for tracking! We’ve also designed social templates to be used on Instagram, designed to show off in the moment via Instagram Stories. Multiple colors allow for you to find a color palette that fits your vibe and showcases a little personality!

When sharing meals on social media, use the tags @thenewprimal and #returntothetable to allow others to follow along with the movement! We also thought it would be fun to use hashtags to denote which meal you’re on; for example, you might use the hashtag #RTTTmeal12 to indicate this was your 12th meal out of the goal of 100!

We hope you find these assets useful in Returning to the Table as you see fit. We look forward to seeing your stories and memories made during the year!

Click to download the assets below:

Meaningful Meals - 25 Day Calendar

Meaningful Meals - Single Day - Blue

Mint Green


Dark Red



Lime Green