How to Savor Your Last Days of Summer

While many are going back to school, summer is not quite over… yet! The cooler weather of fall is just starting to come around, but this means there is still time for some last-minute warmer weather fun. Whether you love to soak in the rays or need one final staycation, you can still enjoy the last bit of summer. Here are some tips on how to savor the final days of the season.

Saying Goodbye to the Dog Days of Summer

While some of this may have to happen in the evenings or the weekends due to school schedules, there is still plenty of summer-like fun you can enjoy before cooler weather fully kicks in.

Backyard Water Play

One of the most treasured summer memories for so many is running through the sprinkler in the backyard. Set up sprinklers, an inflatable pool, or other water play options and have a backyard water day. Some ways to add a bit of fun to this would be to add a snack and drink station in the backyard. Fill a tray with clean or Whole30 snacks and fill a cooler with water bottles. Take some time to enjoy the warmer months with water play.

3 Backyard water play ideas

  • Squirt gun battle - If you really want to get laughing and having a good time, give everyone water guns and let them have a blast playing a water version of laser tag in the backyard.
  • Water balloon bonanza - Get a bucket full of water balloons in a variety of colors for each person. Whether you're a kid or an adult, water balloons can be a good time.
  • Homemade slip and slide - Layout a tarp and cover it in water for a homemade slip and slide that is sure to offer hours of fun.
  • Have a backyard snack station - Playing in the water can leave you hungry and thirsty. By setting up a backyard snack station you can make this backyard water play even more fun. Add items like snack bites, fruit, grass-fed beef sticks, or trail mix. You can also add in a drink station with a cooler filled with drinks everyone can enjoy.

Family movie night

Another great way to spend a final summer night is with a movie night. You could take this outside with a projection screen or pick movies that have a summer theme. Even better, fill the table with foods and snacks that are healthy while also delicious. Spending some time watching a movie with friends or family can be a great way to spend some quality time together and savor a bit more of the summer. Even better, this can be as simple or as involved as you want it to be depending on your circumstances.

3 Family movie night ideas

  • Watch a movie in the pool. - If you have a pool and a projector, hang a sheet and watch movies on floats in the pool. Add some extra fun by watching a movie that takes place in the water.
  • Go all out with the theme! - Pick a movie and make a theme of it. All of the food and snacks can have clever names or be favorites represented in that movie. If you have kids, you can even let them help with decorations.
  • Have a sing-along movie night. - Whether you are doing a movie night with kids or adults, a sing-along movie night can be a laugh for everyone. Pick out your favorite musical and assign everyone a character to sing for and you are sure to have a laugh together.
  • Set-up an amazing snack bar or table! - What is a movie night without an amazing snack bar or table filled with delicious snack options? Set up a table filled with items like popcorn, snack mates, fruits, grass-fed beef jerky, and even a great vegetable dip tray. These items will take movie night to the next level.
  • Make some awesome food! - Any movie night is made better with delicious food. Spicy Crunchy Chicken Wings made with Coconut Aminos or Whole30 BBQ Burgers are just the ticket for a satisfying meal with your movie.

Plan a staycation

While vacationing might not be possible, there’s no reason you can’t head on a staycation. This would mean heading out to places that are local or could be accomplished in a one or two day trip. Sometimes your fondest summer memories might be in your own area. Pack up a cooler and head to a favorite outdoor location. You could also pack up a backpack and head out on a hike. The options are endless.

3 summer staycation ideas

  • Head out to the water. - Whether you love the beach, river, or a lake, these can be a great place to spend some time and soak up a bit more of summer. If you are worried about crowds, try going first thing in the morning or late in the evening.
  • Take a hike. - Some of your best adventures are only a hike away. Hike a new trail. Make sure to pack up some water and sugar-free beef jerky or even lunch for the trail. When you get to your stopping point, you can enjoy the view and have a nice snack or meal.
  • Visit lesser-known locations - While summer months lure us out to many of the popular attractions in our area, the final weeks of summer can be a great time to try out something new to you. Visit lesser-known locations to visitors to your area that might encourage you to make some new memories. 

Have an adventure!

The last few weeks of summer offer you an invitation to a new adventure. While there are many things you may have already done, this is your chance to try something new. It might mean being a bit braver or heading out of your comfort zone. However, finding small adventures in your area can make lasting memories. Even better, there are adventures to be found for every budget!

  • Try Geocaching - Geocaching is a seek and find adventure many have come to love. You can search for caches large and small around your area. One of the big rules to remember is that you need to bring something to trade. The size of the cache you find will dictate the item you need to trade.
  • Go ziplining. - Ziplining is a popular trend now with many locations offering a safe way to enjoy it. Many offer sky trails you can navigate that then end in a zip line ride. Make sure to call ahead before visiting to inquire about cost, age restrictions, and any other limitations.
  • Have a summer camp out! - Camping can be an adventure of its own. Whether you pitch a tent in the backyard or head to a nearby campground you are sure to find a new adventure everyone can enjoy. Another beautiful thing about camping is that you can do it over the weekend so it will easily fit into your schedule.
  • Grill out somewhere new! - It’s time to take all your favorite grilling items and try grilling out somewhere new. Have a beach-side Whole30 BBQ or grill out at a new park or on the trail. Thrill your friends or family with a new recipe like Instant Pot Coffee BBQ Ribs or Carolina Boneless Wings made with mustard BBQ sauce. Bringing along some of your favorite foods to grill can be even better. Save some stress by marinating in a Whole30 approved sauce before leaving the house. It can also help to bring along seasonings for items like grilled corn on the cob or potatoes on the grill in foil.