Fueling Up for Black Friday

Black Friday has become a popular time to go in pursuit of hot deals. And in past years it was also a time that is synonymous with waiting in long lines or spending full mornings shopping. For some, this is an annual event that can’t be missed, but others are opting to stay home and instead hunt for those deals online. Either way, it can definitely be draining trying to find as many deals as possible. Here are a few tips for fueling your Black Friday.

Don’t Forget to Eat

Black Friday shopping can last for hours even if you are only casually shopping. Some deals start the night before and if you are going in person, the lines can get incredibly long. When most people plan out their Black Friday shopping, they will invest hours into shopping so they can be done for the season. The one thing people often forget about are snacks and drinks, so they end up making a less-than-healthy fast food run. Here are some tips to be prepared.

Start with a quality breakfast

Before starting your shopping adventures, make sure to eat a quality breakfast. A good breakfast can fuel your body for the day ahead. Make sure to include foods rich in protein that are easy to eat in a hurry. While your first instinct might be to grab a large cup of coffee and a quick snack, eating right before you head out can be a game changer. By taking a few minutes to eat a quality breakfast you will be ready for a marathon morning of shopping for the best deals. Here are a few breakfast suggestions.

Black Friday Breakfast Ideas

  • Green Smoothie - A green smoothie packed with your favorite produce and a healthy source of protein can be the perfect breakfast option. Make a green smoothie to enjoy before heading out.
  • Breakfast Sandwich - A breakfast sandwich can be the perfect start to your morning. Use an all-purpose seasoning on your favorite breakfast protein and then add some spinach to a sandwich on bread or a bagel for a perfect start to the day.
  • Skillet Meal - Another great breakfast option is to cook up a breakfast skillet. Combine your favorite protein, spicy seasoning, and potatoes in a pan with a bit of cooking oil and simmer until done. Add in a yummy sauce and you’ve got a winning breakfast.


When out shopping or even sitting behind your computer, it can be tempting to run on coffee to keep your energy up. While coffee can offer a boost of caffeine, it can also leave you tired when the caffeine wears you down. Instead, try replacing coffee with a drink option that is sure to hydrate you well. Staying well hydrated will help you to stay focused on the task at hand. Here are a few ideas of ways to hydrate while Black Friday shopping.

3 Ways to stay hydrated during Black Friday Shopping

  • Pack a refillable water bottle - Packing a refillable water bottle can be a game changer in staying hydrated while shopping. You can either refill it at each stop or keep a gallon of water in the car for refills between stores.
  • Fill a cooler with drinks - Another way to hydrate is to make sure that you have a cooler full of drinks in the car. This will give you the opportunity to grab a cold drink between stores while you are out shopping. If you are planning to spend a great deal of time waiting in line, it may be wise to pack a miniature cooler that is easy to carry along with you.
  • Add bottled water to your cart - If you forget to bring water along, make it a habit to pick up a bottle of water at each store. This may cut your savings down slightly but it will help you to stay hydrated so you can enjoy a morning of shopping. 

Don’t forget the snacks

Whether you shop online or in the stores for Black Friday, you are bound to get hungry throughout the day. The best way to avoid stopping for foods that aren’t as good for you is to pack healthy snack options. By having snacks on hand you can avoid reaching for less healthy options. Even better, you can choose snacks that fit your food habits. Here are a few snack suggestions for Black Friday shopping.

Best snacks for Black Friday shopping

  • Pack high protein snacks - One way to make sure you stay fueled up for shopping is to pack snacks that are high in protein. Protein is a great source of energy that lasts. Items such as grass-fed beef sticks, beef thins, or Snack Mates can be the perfect addition to your Black Friday routine. Even better, they are easy to eat while on the go.
  • Include fresh produce - Fresh produce is filled with quality sugars that can keep you going in a healthy way. Add items like bananas, apples, or pears to your shopping bag for quick snacking on the go. You can also add items such as cucumbers, berries, or even applesauce pouches to a cooler for eating between stops.
  • Create your own trail mix - Trail mix can be a fantastic way to snack on the go. Before heading out shopping, toss together some of your favorite snack foods such as nuts, berries, jerky, and dried fruit to create a trail mix you can snack on while you are out shopping. 

Put pit stops on the schedule

When you are out snagging some of the great deals to be found it can be easy to forget to add breaks to the schedule. However, taking a minute here and there can be a game changer. By adding in stops to your schedule you will be able to keep yourself moving longer. These pit stops don’t have to be long. The goal is to make sure you are prioritizing your health while enjoying a busy morning of shopping. Make sure to put time into your shopping schedule to stop and hydrate or grab a quick snack and you are sure to have a successful shopping day.