Foods to Help You Stay Hydrated

The summer months can be packed with fun adventures you’ll never forget. While having a variety of adventures you might miss out on one important thing. It is incredibly important to stay hydrated so you can keep enjoying all summer has to offer. Drinking plenty is one way to stay hydrated but we have another. Check out these foods that help hydrate you.

Food That Nourish and Hydrate You


Watermelon is a hydration-friendly food. In fact, it’s over 90% water! Talk about a great way to keep hydrated this summer. Even better, it’s a food that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Adding watermelon to your summer treats is the perfect way to keep hydrated. Here are a few ways to include watermelon in your summer adventures.

  • Make a savory watermelon salad - When most people think of watermelon they think of sweet dishes. Instead, make a watermelon salad featuring watermelons, cucumbers, feta, and a quality All-Purpose Seasoning. Serve on its own or with a main dish for a great summer meal.
  • Serve it with seasoning on top - Use a Citrus Herb Seasoning blend on top of fresh-cut watermelon for a new flavor you’re sure to enjoy.
  • Wrap with prosciutto - While you may not normally combine these two flavors, they’re a natural pairing you don’t want to miss out on!
  • Enjoy it frozen - Frozen watermelon is a great way to cool down on a hot day without a lot of added sugars or other ingredients. You can freeze slices laid flat on a cookie sheet or even put sticks into the watermelon slices and freeze them like an ice pop.


Peaches are a sweet summer treat that shouldn’t be missed. With just under 90% water content, these little beauties are perfect for summer. Peaches are a summer hit at most events and an easy option to pack when going out hiking. Even more so, they make a great treat for hiking. While you can enjoy a fresh peach anytime you need a boost of hydration, there are some other summer treats you can make with peaches.

  • Diced peaches and yogurt - If you are looking for a sweet treat for your morning, add some hydration by adding sliced peaches to your morning yogurt. Even better, it will add a bit of flavor you are sure to enjoy.
  • Grilled peaches - Did you know you can make peaches on the grill? Use medium heat to grill halved peaches for a new flavor you’re sure to love. Top with a drizzle of caramel or whipped cream.
  • Peach smoothies - Have you ever had peaches in a smoothie? They add a flavor that is simply divine. Combine a sliced frozen peach, yogurt, 4-5 ice cubes, and orange juice for a delicious smoothie.


Strawberries are a summer favorite in most homes. They’re also a favorite of anyone trying to add some hydration to their summer fun. With over 90% water, strawberries are a sweet treat you can be proud of. Even better, they fit in a variety of dishes and are easy to take on the go. Here are a few ways to enjoy strawberries this summer.

  • Strawberry salsa - Strawberry salsa is a fun twist on your favorite fruit. Mix sliced strawberries with lemon juice, diced peppers, chopped onion, cilantro, and an All-Purpose Seasoning. Serve with chips and enjoy strawberries in a new way.
  • Strawberry salad - Mix together kale, sliced strawberries, crushed walnuts, and Citrus Zest Dressing. This light summer salad is a great way to add some hydration to your summer. Add in some diced mint for an added kick of flavor.
  • Make strawberries with a kick - Strawberries are a naturally sweet food but they can handle a bit of a spicy twist. Add a sprinkling of Classic Buffalo Seasoning to your strawberries.


Cucumbers are often overlooked when picking out summer snacks. Cucumbers are packed with over ninety percent water. This means you can enjoy this summer favorite while adding some hydration to your summer fun. Even better, they are easy to prepare and can be made in a variety of ways. Here are a few ways to enjoy cucumbers this summer.

  • Diced seasoned cucumbers - Cucumbers make a great snack when diced. Cut them up and toss in olive oil and All-Purpose Seasoning. This simple snack is packed with hydration and flavor for a summer hit you don’t want to miss.
  • Spice them up - Diced cucumbers sprinkled with Classic Buffalo Seasoning are a perfect spicy snack to enjoy while out in the summer heat or having a picnic with the family. This small punch of flavor can be just the hydrating snack you need!
  • Appetizer them - Looking for a way to serve cucumbers as a fun appetizer? Sliced cucumbers topped with a ranch cream cheese topping and a slice of tomato can be a bite-sized appetizer everyone can enjoy.


Lettuce is a hydration food you don’t want to skip this summer. With over ninety-five percent water, you can hydrate while enjoying some delicious recipes. Your first instinct will be to make a salad and that’s a good one. However, there are so many ways to enjoy lettuce this summer. Here are a few ideas for adding lettuce to your summer.

  • Start with salads - While salad isn’t the only way to enjoy lettuce this summer, it’s a great starting point. Use fresh lettuce with some of your favorite vegetables and a Sriracha Tahini Salad Dressing for a flavor-packed summer salad you’re sure to enjoy.
  • Lettuce wraps - Change up some of your favorite foods by serving them as part of a lettuce wrap instead of on a bun. This can be the perfect way to enjoy hamburgers or your famous chicken salad.
  • Lettuce tacos - Skip the taco shells and enjoy a lettuce shell taco filled with some of your favorite taco fillings. Items like grilled chicken, beans, shredded cheese, and sour cream all go perfectly in a lettuce taco shell. You are sure to love this twist on an old favorite while hydrating this summer.

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