Everything You Need to Prep for The Big Game

NFL divisional playoff weekend was a doozie. Overtime and upsets. Nail biting and barn burning. Three 3-point spreads. Bummed-out Brady.

If there’s one thing we learned from the whiplash and vertigo of those four games (aside from the value of 13 seconds) it’s that nervous eating is a thing for which we must be better prepared. Sure, we attach exceptional snacks to that final contest, but we woefully underestimated our need to feed our feelings during the division matchups. If the stress of those games was any indication, we’re going to have to roll out that game day buffet with a smarter strategy.

Our game plan is a four-parter. And, contrary to conventional coaching, we feel the best defense is a good offense. Staving off stressed-out, mindless junk-stuffing is infinitely easier when you have a lineup of deliberately delicious playmakers. Solid recipes with a mix of flavors, thoughtful ingredients (with the healthy heft of The New Primal’s sauces and seasonings), and a little mindful prep time are the key elements of our fan foodprint. 

If you haven’t heard, we have a secret weapon, just recruited this month: our new Noble Made Garlic Parmesan Sauce. It’s game day-ready, and destined to be a MDP (Most Dynamic Player). You could literally dip a stale breadstick into the bottle and be happy enough to do an end-zone dance… but don’t waste this kind of goodness on a stale breadstick. Grab a bottle or two and run some practice plays before the main event.

Enough pep-talk. Here are the four elements of your LVI party food approach, and a few suggested all-stars to lock in a win:

Pace yourself.

This is where wings come in handy. These little fellas are decidedly less scarf-able than snacks lacking bones. In other words, they slow down the process so you truly enjoy each bite and leave less time for, er, regrettable volume.

Crispy Garlic Parm Wings (with Noble Made Garlic Parmesan Sauce)

Citrus Zest Wings (with Noble Made Citrus Zest Dressing)

Buffalo Almond Butter Wings (with Noble Made Buffalo Sauce)

Mustard BBQ Chicken Wings (with Noble Made Mustard BBQ Sauce)

Spicy Crunchy Chicken Wings (with Noble Made Citrus Herb Marinade)

Lao-Inspired Chicken Wings (with Noble Made Classic BBQ Sauce)


Go big with flavors.

Consider it gastronomic economics: tastiness yields satisfaction. Think bold, fragrant, varied - unforgettable eats you’ll need on next year’s game day table.

Crunchy Quesadillas (with Noble Made Mustard BBQ Sauce)

Buffalo Party Mix (with Noble Made Buffalo Sauce)

Instant Pot Chili (with Noble Made Classic Marinade)

Crispy Buffalo Chickpeas (with Noble Made Buffalo Sauce)


Surround yourself with the “good” stuff.

When you know dishes were made with a couple splurge ingredients, loving handwork, and considerable time, you’re less apt to munch mindlessly. Quality beats quantity with patently special treats.

Bang Bang Shrimp (with Coconut Aminos)

Mini Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Peppers (with Noble Made All-Purpose Seasoning and Nutritional Yeast)

Carrot Ginger Spring Rolls (with Noble Made Carrot Ginger Dressing)

Pork Dumpling Meatballs (with Coconut Aminos)


Use healthier dippers.

Even if your dip feels like a cheat, wielding a better vessel for it works to (nearly) cancel that out. Veggies, grain-free crackers, or plantain chips are better picks - and sturdy enough for a double-dip if no one is watching.

Seven Layer Dip (with Noble Made Classic Chili Seasoning and Nutritional Yeast)

Buffalo Chicken Dip (with Noble Made Buffalo Sauce and Classic Ranch Dressing)

Whole30 Spinach and Artichoke Dip (with Noble Made Nutritional Yeast)

Buffalo Sweet Potato Queso (with Noble Made Buffalo Sauce and Nutritional Yeast)


Enjoy, jumpy spectator. May your tension be lively, your team formidable, and your fingernails spared. (Nibble your awesome snacks instead.)