Even Workaholics can be Healthy Eaters

Being a workaholic has become more prevalent in modern culture than ever before. With so much to do and so little time in the day, many people invest countless hours into work. This can be for a variety of reasons but the term workaholic has become quite common. Many who fit into this category will use working so much as an excuse to eat things that aren’t as beneficial for them. However, even workaholics can be healthy eaters and we have some tips to help.

Embracing Healthy Eating the Smart, Simple Way

Here are some simple ways you can change up eating habits while keeping up with a full work schedule and a busy life. Some of these simple changes will help you make healthy choices. Take some time to look through these tips to help you make healthier choices in the middle of a busy season in your life.

Switch out your sauces

When you are working to make healthier choices one of the first things you can do is to switch out your sauces. The sauces you cook with, dip food in, or use as a marinade can be packed with sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. Switching to cleaner versions of sauces you already enjoy can offer you a healthier option. Plus, your sauces should be all-purpose enough to be used over and over in a variety of dishes and snacks. Here are a few sauces to consider switching out.

3 sauces/dips you can switch out

  • BBQ Sauce - Options include mustard BBQ sauce, Whole30 BBQ sauce, or paleo BBQ sauce. By switching out bbq sauce you can enjoy new flavors without some of the unhealthy ingredients in a typical bbq sauce.
  • Hot Sauce - Options include buffalo sauce, paleo buffalo sauce, or Whole30 approved hot sauce. Look at ingredients in any hot sauce product to be sure they are offering you a healthier option.
  • Soy Sauce - Switch out traditional soy sauce for Coconut Aminos. These replacement sauces can be perfect for a variety of side dishes or snacks.

Switch out salad dressings

When you are working it can seem simple to add salad to your menu to make healthier lunch choices. However, some of the salad dressings you might be using could be working against your efforts. Some salad dressings are filled with ingredients that make them an unhealthy option for your salad. When choosing a salad dressing it is important to check the ingredients list for quality ingredients that are good for you. Here are a few options to consider.

3 Salad dressings you can switch out


Switch out your snacks

Snacking can be a common choice for people with a busy work schedule. In fact, it can be tempting to grab quick and easy snacks throughout the day instead of a meal. The problem with this approach is that many will grab quick snacks that aren’t good for their health. This can be because it is easier to grab snacks from a vending machine when on the go or because these items are easy to throw in a to-go bag. There are some simple ways to switch out your snacks and make healthier choices.

3 Snacks you can switch out

  • Beef Jerky/Meat sticks - Beef jerky and meat sticks can be a great go-to snack option on a busy day because of the protein they offer. However, many of these meat snacks can be packed with unsavory ingredients. Opt for sugar free jerky or grass fed meat sticks for a cleaner and healthier alternative.
  • Chips - Chips are another quick snack to grab on a busy day but they may not be best for healthy eating goals. Instead, try snacks such as vegetables with hummus (chickpea-free if you want a Whole30 version), energy balls, or even a trail mix.
  • Energy bars - Energy bars are a common snack that many will reach for. However, these can be packed with harmful ingredients. Instead, opt for a Paleo or Whole30 energy bar that will offer the same energy in a healthier way.

Skip on fast food/restaurant food options

Another area where many working people may be making less healthy choices is with fast food or even restaurant food. This food can be convenient which is why it is often chosen. However, fast food and some restaurant foods don’t offer the health benefits you need most. It can be so helpful to switch out the fast food and restaurant options for healthier food choices. Here are a few simple ways to change things up a bit. 

3 ways to replace fast food or restaurant food

  • Start with meal planning - Meal planning can be a simple way for those who have longer work schedules to control what they are eating. Meal planning can help to either cook extra at dinner for work lunches or plan items that can easily be prepared at work.
  • Switch out the side dishes - If planning an entire meal doesn’t work, sometimes it can help to focus on switching out side dishes. Simple changes to the items you bring along can help with healthier eating choices. Items like roasted carrots, sweet potatoes, and brussels sprouts can be a great alternative to less healthy options.
  • Research alternative restaurants - If you have no choice about eating out, it can help to research alternative restaurants. Finding locations that offer Whole30 menu items, low sugar options, or clean eating menu items can help to encourage healthier choices.