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Essentials for the Ultimate Gym Bag

The modern-day gym was born in Ancient Greece. But more than just a center devoted to physical training, their gymnasion was once a school of many disciplines, where trainees would also discourse on subjects of philosophy, literature and music. To the early Greeks, “exercise” referred to the notion of holistic self-improvement, and the symbiotic relationship between a person’s two halves isn’t too hard to understand: the mind cannot thrive if Read More

The New Primal Jerky

Introducing The New Primal Jerky, a natural evolution that is about to take over. Whether we’re on the trail or at home, one thing is for sure, we’re always looking for some good snacking material. Of course there is junk food but seriously, junk food can only go so far. The natural evolution would be to fill that hunger gap with some Primal Jerky. Made using 100% natural ingredients that Read More

The New Primal Jerky

We shudder thinking about what sort of stuff goes into making typical store-bought beef jerky. The New Primal’s Jerky, on the other hand, is as simple as it gets. The involved animals — grass-fed beef and free-range turkey — are all ethically raised without hormones or antibiotics. Then, the jerky is stripped by hand, marinated, and smoked to perfection over hickory chips in an intensive, days-long process. Finally, they’re sweetened with a touch of pineapple juice Read More

The New Primal Clean, Healthy Snacking

Healthy eating almost cost Jason Burke his marriage. Honestly. He became so enamored with crafting his own beef jerky that his wife finally unplugged his meat dehydrators and told him she was tired of her friends always asking her if she’d just come from a BBQ. Her clothes always had a smoky, barbecued scent. “There was a time when there was nothing in our refrigerator except gallon jars of marinade Read More